Welcome Back to a Special Year!

2019 is a special year for Grainthorpe. The school is 200 years old and we will be celebrating this bicentennial achievement with a term of research and investigation. We will be looking at very local history, comparing the past with today and researching achievements along the way. Please look at the class pages to see what’s happening around the school.

The school archives contain a plethora of documents and photographs. This offering from 1929 shows a very smart bunch of students.

Little Sheep Marsh Nursery

Little Sheepmarsh Nursery provides an excellent teacher led learning environment for our early years children.

Marshchapel Infants School

We are Federated with Marshchapel Infants School, who provide excellent Key Stage 1 education in the same nurturing environment our pupils enjoy here at Grainthorpe.

Grainthorpe Gazette

Our letters are in PDF format. If you are unable to open them then you can download a free PDF reader from Adobe.