Welcome to Class 1

In Class 1, our teachers are Mrs Manders and Mrs Mathieson, supported by Mrs Cresswell and Mrs Wilson.

Ancient Egypt

This term we have been studying Ancient Egypt. Mr Egypt joined us at the beginning of term to kick start our topic. The children were enthralled with his tales from living in Egypt and were amazed that he had got to touch the real Tutankhamun mask! We have made clay amulets, built pyramids and followed instructions to make a shaduf. The children have learnt about the Egyptian farming calendar and how it differs to ours and they tried to think about the reasons for this. In English, the children have been reading about the Egyptian Cinderella and it inspired us to write our own version. We were so impressed with their end stories.

As we approach Christmas, our focus will shift slightly from Ancient Egypt to looking at celebrations, not just Christmas but a variety of celebrations from across the faiths. We will also be holding a science week at the beginning of December and we are looking forward to lots of investigations and experiments!

Using the Internet to Support our Learning

In Class 1 we enjoy playing online games to help us learn.

Why not try these links.


Make a sentence.


2d shapes (memory game)

Hit the button times table game.